Children's Personal Conduct Education
OUR MISSION Our campaign mission is to offer the Children's Personal Conduct Healthy Body and Mind Training Website to build a strong community and future for our children.

Children's Personal Conduct Campaign
Due to changes in societal environments and in eating habits, the dangers toward our children’s physical and mental health are increasing. Their mental health is threatened with violence portrayed in games and movies, delivered through TVs, computers, and smart phones. Increase in disorderly diet high in cholesterol, fats, sugar and food preservatives threatens our children’s physical health is with obesity and other ailments.

We propel a campaign to develop the Children's Personal Conduct Healthy Body and Mind Training website through Taekwondo - one of the official Olympic sports practiced in 202 countries and by 80 million people, and to provide FREE website to children in the United States and all over the world.

The CPC campaign has a goal to help promote physical health in American children through Taekwondo training and to help promote mental health through Taekwondo Character Building Education.

Children spend 80% of their time outside of school, and many are without the structure required to effectively teach character building. Due to heavy exposure to violence on TV, Internet, and video games, over many of parents are seeking after-school activities that promote physical and mental development for their children.

The CPC® Character Building Program was conceived as a national campaign, striving to develop and promote Healthy Body and Mind exercises to children at home and school, creating the idea of Healthy Body and Mind "Home Schooling".

Children's Personal Conduct Martial Arts
Campaign Program Outline

Children's Personal Conduct (CPC) Healthy Body and Mind Training website is a Character Building Program that was developed to help parents and teachers build character and exemplary personal conduct in children. The CPC Healthy Body and Mind Training website is provided by the Taekworld Foundation, a foundation that has an interest in shaping the character of our future leaders, today's youth.

As part of a nationwide campaign, martial art Taekwondo schools participate in the Children's Personal Conduct Healthy Body and Mind Training Website Campaign. Students are required to complete the CPC website character building lessons and demonstrate exemplary personal conduct in and out of their martial art Taekwondo schools.

Our children are increasingly exposed to violence and unhealthy habits daily. We are all too familiar with school violence, bullies and child obesity. There are too few institutions that address these problems by building character and teaching personal conduct for a Healthy Body and Mind.

Studies report that children show more interest in educational software when animated characters are used. Animation characters are a major part of the CPC Healthy Body and Mind Training website. Each Hero/Master has a different positive personality and different super powers that ignite enthusiasm and create the motivation to succeed, even right in our own homes. The animated Heroes/Masters can be used as tools to “Home School” our children about building a Healthy Body and Mind. Every children will enjoy the animated characters who will lead core values by example “Respect”, “Self-Confidence”, “Focus”, ”Self-Discipline”, “Self-Control”.

Excellence of the CPC Taekwondo Healthy
Body and Mind Training Method

This method has been developed to address parents' concerns about the development of their children's personal conduct through Taekwondo training.

Parents who participate in CPC Taekwondo will see improvement in their children's behavior over a short period of time. The students will receive respect and praise for their outstanding behavior at home, and at school from peers and other adults. Over time, parents will see that their children are healthier, and have clearer goals to strive for. Parents will be proud of their children who are better able to distinguish between right and wrong and have a strong sense of justice.

The CPC Taekwondo Healthy Body and Mind Training method serves as a pro-active and preventive measure against future violence by enabling children to develop their decision-making skills. The program teaches students to live harmoniously with people around them and to always show exemplary behavior. Children who participate is CPC's training program will more likely grow into capable individual who enjoy many possibilities for the future.


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