Children's Personal Conduct Education


Message from president

As our children are living in the Global Era, we must overcome obstacles of race, religion, and nationality to teach our children how to intermingle and live harmoniously with people around them through education and training in children’s personal conduct (CPC) – character building and positive behaviors.

The mission of the Taekwondo World Foundation’s campaign for children’s behavioral education and training is to offer children a chance to acquire the ability to control negative emotions and conduct themselves with integrity and character through the tenets of Taekwondo martial arts.

The purpose of this campaign is to instill in children the ability to distinguish between what is good and what is not, to judge what is right and what is wrong, and to develop positive behaviors in order to lead fruitful and prosperous lives into adulthood. We foster the development of children's personal conduct to grow a healthy body, mind, spirit and emotion.

Through the campaign, children will learn to respectfully interact with their peers, their teachers, their parents, and their elders creating a foundation of harmony and mutual respect with all others through effective problem solving and constructive dialogue.

The campaign will encourage widespread participation by utilizing children’s favorite animated characters to create a behaviorally educational experience that is fun and engaging, as well as informative and instructive.

Through the structured and engaging education and training in children’s behavioral practices, children – the future of our world – will be equipped with the necessary tools to lead successful and happy lives. And together, we can build a world of respect, harmony, integrity, and compassion.

Joon P. Choi, President
Taekwondo World Foundation


Message from Secretary General

Our children are living in the world of technology. Children are facing with mental health is threatened with internet age, smart phones, violent games, uncontrolled daily activates can cause harmful to mental health. Our children are increasingly exposed to familiar with school violence, bullies and child obesity. There are not enough institutions that addresses these problems by building character and teaching personal conduct for a Healthy Body and Mind. 

CPC TAEKWONDO Children's Personal Conduct (CPC) Healthy Body and Mind Training website is a Character Building Education Program that was developed to help parents and teachers build character and exemplary personal conduct in children. The CPC Healthy Body and Mind Training website is provided by the TaeKwondo World Foundation, a foundation that has an interest in shaping the character of our future leaders, today's youth. 

CPC website objective is to educate character building lessons and demonstrate exemplary personal conduct in and out of their martial art Taekwondo Schools.

Studies report that children show more interest in educational software when animated characters are used. Animation characters are a major part of the CPC Taekwondo Healthy Body and Mind Training website. Each Hero/Master has a different positive personality, core values and different super powers that ignite enthusiasm and create the motivation to succeed, even right in our own homes. The animated Heroes/Masters can be used as tools to “Home School” our children about building a Healthy Body and Mind. Every children will enjoy the animated characters who will lead core values by example “Respect”, “Self-Confidence”, “Focus”, ”Self-Discipline”, “Self-Control”.

Anthony Baek, Secretary General
Taekwondo World Foundation

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