Children's Personal Conduct Education
This letter was congratulated by President Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore in an event that invited notable celebrities, children, and parents at the National Press Center in Washington DC in March 2000 to present the necessity and program of the Personal Conduct Education of the Taekwondo for the prevention of children violence in American society.
The 2000 Youth Violence Prevention Campaign

Welcome as you gather to discuss ways to stop the violence in our society that is claiming too many of our neighborhoods and our children.

It’s a national tragedy-and a tragedy that can be prevented if we, as a society, do a better job of teaching our children good values and the difference between right from wrong. Our children need the strong foundation of values to make the fight choices in life-choices like avoiding alcohol, tobacco, drugs, early sex. Choices like staying in school and rejecting violence.

Many of the matter threats to our children today are not a matter of chance, but are a matter of choice. We now know that kids engage in one risky behavior are more likely to participate in others, so we must convince youngsters to resist opening that Pandora’s box. A good place to start is by teaching them bedrock values that have stood the test of time: Love your neighbor. Give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wages. Don’t lie, cheat or steal. Respect others, their opinions, and their property. And you are responsible for your own actions.

Thank you for caring and for helping build a better future for our children. You are an important par of the armies of compassion that are making a real difference in our nation and our world.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a successful conference.

Dear Mr. Anderson

Thank you for sending the information regarding violence prevention. We need to work harder to create a safer school environment for our children and I commend programs like yours that assist young children in trouble.

As a member of the United States Senate I will work to make sure that children can safely and productively spend after-school hours in a school or library or other appropriate settings. I know that the after school house are a critical time for millions of working families and that is why as Senator, I would fight to triple the number of children served by the 21st Century Learning Centers Program which ensures that every child in every failing school can have a safe place to learn during the after school and summertime hours.

In addition, as a United States Senator from New York, I will fight hard to make sure our children have a quality education, that we continue to expand our economy with good jobs in every community, that we keep our children safe from gun violence, that every New Yorker is ensured access to quality health care, that we maintain and strengthen Social Security and Medicare and that New York gets its fair share from Washington.

I hope that you will visit my website to learn more about my views on issues that are important to all New Yorkers.

Thank you again for writing and for your interest in my campaign for the U.S. Senate.

There is no more fundamental responsibility than to make Americans safer and more secure -in their homes, in their school and in their communities. Violence prevention plays a very important role in our efforts to protect our citizens, especially when it comes to our best investments into the future-our children. For this reason, I am committed to reducing and preventing juvenile crime.

I am proud to be part of an administration that has made such unprecedented investment and achieved such results in juvenile crime prevention programs. The best way ensure the safety of all our children is to prevent juvenile violence before it starts. We must instill in America’s youth the values to reject violence, and we must enlist the efforts of people an organizations from throughout our society to achieve this crucial goal. Obviously, parents play the most important role in shaping the hearts and mind of our children. I want the heart of our juvenile crime prevention efforts to be sage, strong, disciplined schools. I am committed to being an ally and a friend of families and communities, offering them every possible assistance in passing on their values to our children. Government agencies and programs must work together with faith-based and community organization, which share our goals of protecting and nurturing our children and often show incredible leadership in generating effective new ways to reach young hearts and minds.

I strongly believe in the importance of character education, in our schools and after school. We need to ensure that all of our children learn the fundamental values- such as honesty, integrity, cooperation and team work- that they will need to succeed as citizens parents and workers. While we must build good character for the long term, we must also do what is necessary here and now to protect our young people and give parents confidence that their children are safe in our schools and neighborhoods.

I believe that, by investigating in juvenile justice and enforcement and working in our school and communities to give all our children that values and skills to reject violence, we can protect our children and youth from crime and violence. And I will make every effort to protect our youth-the future leaders of our nation-from the moral and physical dangers that are growing all around us. On this, you have my personal commitment.


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